Dear Future Business Credit Millionaire,

I don't know about you but I am SICK of hearing about the "recession" we're in and how there's NO MONEY available to borrow from banks for real estate, credit cards, lines of credit, or to purchase a business...or even to buy a car, for crying out loud!

Are you sick of the "economic crisis" like I am yet?

Yes, I figured you were.

And there's NO REASON you should suffer along side of the "commoners" in the world when I can show you how you can access outrageous amounts of cash just for the asking!

Smart Men and Women are CASHING IN on a Little-Known Yet Powerful Credit Strategy!

In fact, there are smart business men and women out there who are TAKING FULL ADVANTAGE of this economic crises by getting real estate for pennies on the dollars, sucking up failing businesses for super cheap, and accessing millions of dollars in lines of credit through banks, lending institutions, and private money sources...

But how?

They are smart as I mentioned.  But, that doesn't mean you can't access their secrets as well.

After all, when is the BEST TIME to buy up real estate and businesses?

When the economy is in the gutter,that's when!

You don't get good deals when the real estate market is at an all-time high.  You don't get great businesses for dirt cheap during prosperous times.  You don't get deals on massive amounts of inventory to sell on eBay, Amazon, or your own website when the economy is solid.  Do you?

No, all the deals are NOW and ONLY for those who have the cash to access these incredible opportunities.

But, as you know, it takes money to make money.  And the biggest problem is getting the CASH to make these deals happen!

Right now banks are hesitant in lending out cash to individuals even though we are now in the "economic recovery" mode.  Every bank and lending institution is now claiming they are lending money but -- reality is -- they are ONLY lending money to businesses to appease the government's requirement that they do for stimulating a quicker economic recovery for our nation.

So, even creditworthy individuals aren't qualifying for anything more than a few thousand in unsecured credit cards and signature loans just because banks are focusing all of their financial resources on funding businesses and investment activity.  That sucks for someone with excellent personal credit who can't get more than a $5,000 unsecured personal credit card BUT it's awesome for someone who understands how to tap into something called "business credit" which is the LOOPHOLE for the wealthy to borrow endless amounts of Other People's Money (OPM) to keep getting richer.

The unfortunate thing is that the Average Joe just like you has been excluded from knowing anything about this secret...and that's a shame!  This credit "loophole" for the rich was designed for the wealthy to get richer...and it wasn't designed for you!

But not anymore because I'm about to show you how you're going to "crack the credit code"!

I Have Cracked the Code to Getting UNLIMITED AMOUNTS of Business Credit...

And I Can Reveal My Credit Secrets to You!

I have CRACKED THE CODE to getting business credit; even if you are an Average Joe who knows little about the business credit game, you can massively benefit from my secrets IF you learn the simple steps to take to access this money!

Let's face it: our entire WORLD is run on credit.  You need credit to buy property.  You need credit to purchase or lease a vehicle.  You need credit for lines of credit (including signature loans).  You even need credit to sign up for a cellular phone service, cable television, or a security monitoring service!  That's how reliant we are on credit!

Hey, I didn't make the system the way it is.  But, you can bet I play the game the way it was designed to play and by their rules since it's necessary that you learn the ropes if you want to succeed in today's economy.

All the wealthy people in the world have been using these business credit techniques and strategies for decades and it's about time you started using these secrets to CASH IN BIG.

Do you think Donald Trump has any problems getting funding for anything from real estate purchases to business lines of credit?  Nope!  Not at all!!  Not even during a lousing economy!

And Here is the "Secret" to Gaining Access to Unsecured Credit

Let me start with my personal story...and I'll be quick about it since I know your time is valuable.

About 10 years ago I had to file for personal bankruptcy due to an irresponsible ex-husband who didn't value credit.  So, I suddenly found myself going from having PERFECT personal credit to being unable to purchase the cheapest used car on a lot at some scummy low-life corner dealership at a 25% interest rate.

How could this happen to me?

How could so many of my perfect credit accounts have been damaged because of an ex stealing my credit cards and running up the balances?  It's that "theft" that could be prosecuted?

I guess the cops have better things to do than to tend to my personal credit problems.

So, I had to file for bankruptcy and I felt horrible about it.  I knew that I would be considered credit "unworthy" for at least 10 years and I had plans on buying real estate, starting businesses, and getting involved in other lucrative opportunities...all REQUIRING credit!

What was I going to do?

My father had a law office for many years having attorneys and paralegals working under him.  Initially he did bankruptcy, divorce, and even immigration law.  Later he decided to change into corporate law and specialized in setting up corporations, trusts, offshore companies, etc.

And he told me a little secret that BLEW ME AWAY!

He said, "Open up a corporation, build some credit, and purchase the real estate you want to purchase!"

I balked at the idea.

"I know NOTHING about building credit using a company."

But he said he'd show me how to do it.

Immediately I envisioned that I would have to start another "real" company (because at the time I already had one) and I didn't want to go through all that.

He swore that I didn't have to expose my current company and that I could start a new company credit file immediately.

But, there were tons of "hows" for me...

How can I...

  • build company credit in just a few months?
  • be able to build strong enough credit to buy real estate and other businesses?
  • be able to build strong enough credit for a business line of credit (BLOC) worth at least $100,000?
  • build company credit without having to shell out a lot of money?

My dad said he would help me through all of it!

But, I didn't want to bother him because he worked a lot of hours.  So, I bought into a few courses and books on the subject of building business credit.  I tried setting up a business and then using the techniques in those courses and books.

Some of the techniques worked while most didn't.  I used strategies from Ray Reynolds and a few others.  They didn't work so well.

Building and Using Business Credit the WRONG WAY could Equal JAIL TIME!

When my dad came over to my house, he saw a part of the Ray Reynolds' course on my coffee table.  He got really angry and said, "I told you I would show you how to build real corporate credit.  Those guru guys don't know their ass from a hole in the ground.  If you use their techniques, you could get in a lot of legal trouble and even end up in jail!"

Jail?  Legal trouble??

I panicked!  I had no idea that building business credit the WRONG way could create a lot of legal problems and even jail time!

Yes, that's right!

If you don't build business credit the correct and legal way, you could end up in jail!

(And if you don't believe me about the jail thing, Google a business "guru" by the name of Chris Wise who was recently federally indicted for bank fraud; yes, this is some serious business and you MUST know what you're doing otherwise you'll end up in jail.  And yes, Chris Wise is looking at some years beyond bars!)

That's pretty damn scary, isn't it?

I had no idea!  So, I tossed all the books and courses I bought from credit building gurus that I had about how to build corporate credit and went under my dad's wing to discover how this whole thing worked.

Here's what he showed me:

  • How building personal credit for the purposes of investing in real estate is STUPID since serious (and profitable) real estate investors use a business to buy investment real estate!

  • Why millions of people are S-O-L (sh** out of luck) because they are relying on their personal credit to get loans, mortgages, leases, and credit cards but -- since we've been in a "Depression" for the past several years -- banks are SUPER TIGHT on lending money to individuals; all the credit they are lending is going straight to businesses!

  • How there is a specific list of banks and lenders who are looking to lend business lines of credit (BLOCs) and to lend credit to corporations for real estate investments...and he shared this exclusive list with me!

  • How I didn't have to wait the usual 2 - 3 years to build the corporate business credit I needed to access business lines of credit (BLOCs) and high-limit unsecured business credit cards because there is a way to get a line of business credit of $100,000 virtually instantly...but ONLY if you know WHERE and HOW to get it!  (This secret will BLOW YOU AWAY!)

  • Why Donald Trump was able to file for bankruptcy TWICE and yet he still gets business lines of credit (BLOCs) and endless amounts of real estate financing worth HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

  • Why business credit is MUCH MORE POWERFUL than having even the very best personal credit and how having stellar business credit can get you anywhere from $25,000 to $500,000 in unsecured corporate business credit virtually instantly!

  • Why it's better to get corporate business credit cards, lease/buy cars under a corporation, buy real estate under a company, etc...because it NEVER effects your personal credit nor is it ever even reported on your personal credit reports!

  • Most importantly: How to set up corporate business credit LEGALLY so that I didn't have to worry about lawsuits, legal problems, or jail time for not building or using corporate business credit correctly!

And the "secrets" those "gurus" talk about when it comes to building corporate business creidt will NEVER tell you (because they simply don't know), including actual sources to get business credit cards, business lines of credit (BLOCs), etc.

Now is the time to get corporate business credit and to forget the fool's game of trying to use personal credit to build up your net worth with investments when I can attest that will never happen!  (Banks will ALWAYS severely limit what you can get, even with a high personal FICO score of 750 to 800 points vs. what they will give to a new business with built corporate credit.  For example, I recently applied for two (2) Bank of America unsecured credit cards at the EXACT SAME TIME.  One was a personal unsecured credit card.  The other was a business unsecured credit card.  Bank of America gave me only $5,000 in an unsecured credit limit for my personal card.  For my business card, they gave me an unsecured credit limit of $30,000.  Again, I applied for BOTH CARDS at the EXACT SAME TIME.  This is PROOF that banks will give MUCH MORE IN CREDIT to a business vs. to an individual!)

It's Much Easier to Build Corporate Business Credit in a Shorter Time Frame Than You Think!

When I first got started, I thought building good corporate credit would take years.  Boy, was I wrong!  It only takes a few months provided that you follow through with some very simple and easy-to-do steps that you do consistently.

Yes, it's really that easy believe it or not!

And what can you get with this new found business credit?

  • Lease/buy vehicles (as many as you want and any brand/make/model you want)

  • Purchase investment real estate (single-family, commercial, and/or multifamily)

  • Corporate/business (unsecured) credit cards with limits that start at a "low" $10,000 but typically average a starting limit of $25,000

  • Business lines of credit (BLOCs) from $25,000 to $500,000

And what did I get within 90 days of starting my own corporate business credit profile?

  • 3 business credit cards with limits starting at $25,000, $30,000 and $50,000

  • 1 BLOC for $100,000 (COLD HARD CASH)

  • A white S-class Mercedes-Benz


  • I have purchased over 1,500 apartment units and 300 office building units, all with the use of my corporate business credit!

  • I was able to purchase my first investment real estate property with my new business profile WITHIN 90 DAYS and it was a 36-unit building that gives me a $7,400 monthly cash flow!

  • All of my real estate purchases are under corporate credit.  I DO NOT use my personal credit for any real estate investment since I discovered the power of using corporate credit!

How Many Financial Opportunities Are YOU Missing Out on Because You DON'T Have the Right Credit Profile?

Do you really know what it means to have UNLIMITED access to funds at your fingertips?

No, this DOES NOT mean you should run out and get a big screen television or a new Mercedes-Benz SL600 unless you can afford the monthly payments.  But you can if you want to!

Use your newly built and powerful corporate business credit for FINANCIAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES!

There is an untapped FORTUNE in real estate right now but ONLY for those who have access to CASH (for the down payment) to close the deals!

And, you can have INSTANT ACCESS to that cash if you build your own corporate business credit profile.

Imagine how many investment real estate properties you could own.  You could get a monthly positive net cash flow of anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 per month, easily...without using a cent of your own money or your own personal credit to build this type of wealth!

I did it!  You can, too!

What other opportunities other than real estate are there?

Here's what a close friend of mine did with her new business line of credit:

  • She purchased five truckloads of close-out merchandise from a closed down electronics store, rented a warehouse space, and sold all of the merchandise online through eBay.  
  • She used a business line of credit (BLOC) of $130,000 and within 60 days she sold ALL of the merchandise for a gross total of $785,000.  Her net profit was $655,000 in only 2 months!  
  • She even used her business credit to lease the warehouse!
  • With her profits, she decided to purchase a new silver Porsche 911 GT3 for $112,000 using her business credit and putting no money down for the car!

She would not have been able to take advantage of the incredible financial opportunity or buy a new sports car without knowing this corporate credit secret!

These are the same secrets that millionaires and billionaires have been using forever!  They use something called OPM or Other People's Money!  This is how the rich get richer while the "little guy" struggles to pay rent.  It's because the "little guy" doesn't know how to tap into this incredibly lucrative and powerful financial secret!  (But that's all about to change in a New York minute!)

Yes, You Will Have Access to LOTS OF MONEY But You Should Use It to MAKE You Money and NOT to Spend It Unwisely!

The whole purpose of getting new corporate business credit is to use the money to make money.  The rich use OPM to fund their business ventures and real estate deals.  And now you can, too!

Why should you lose out on these lucrative money-making businesses, opportunities, and investments because you aren't privy to these secrets?

You're not going to lose out anymore!

I will share these incredible secrets with you but you have to promise me that you won't abuse your new power to access these funds by using the credit for wealth-building purposes ONLY!

Promise me?

Imagine What You Could Do with UNLIMITED Funding At Your Fingertips!

You could become a real estate multi-millionaire.  You could purchase endless amounts of properties that would be for PURE CASH FLOW in your pocket!

You could purchase closeout inventory or wholesale merchandise for pennies on the dollar or discounts from all the businesses that are going under OR purchase bulk wholesale items (that you can ONLY buy by the pallets and truckloads to get a deal) and RESELL the merchandise for a nice profit on eBay or through other online outlets.

You could buy and sell cars for a profit.  I know a guy who does this and he rakes in a fortune each month buying car parts and reselling them on the Internet!

You could buy a business.  You would be able to qualify for a bank loan and get an instant business line of credit (BLOC) to fund your business and pay for keeping it running until you start making business profits.

You could start a business from scratch.  How many times have you told yourself that you wanted to start a business but couldn't afford to do it?  Not anymore!  You can start a successful business from scratch!  No more putting it on hold!!

Because with your business credit, you can qualify for:

  • Corporate credit cards ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 in unsecured business credit card limits!
  • Unsecured business lines of credit (BLOC) from $25,000 to $500,000 and, eventually, you can get a cash line of credit for $1,000,000.  Imagine that!
  • A leased (or purchased) luxury vehicle of your choice from a Mercedes-Benz to a BMW to a Lexus or even a Porsche...or whatever luxury car you like!


You would be:

  • Protecting your personal credit profile!
  • Keeping your personal financial affairs PRIVATE!
  • And protecting your personal property and assets by using business credit!

Business lines of credit (BLOCs) and unsecured business credit cards come with a MUCH HIGHER CREDIT LIMIT than you can get with a personal credit card.

For example, at only point, my personal credit was so bad that I only qualified for a paltry $250 personal credit card with an "application fee" of a whopping $175!  But only a short time later, when I started building corporate business credit, I got my first corporate business credit card in the mail that had a huge $30,000 credit limit!  And yes, this is UNSECURED credit!

Even if I had a credit FICO score of 800 in this lackluster economy, I still wouldn't be able to get a $30,000 unsecured credit card as an individual.  I'd be lucky to qualify for a $10,000 unsecured credit card as an individual, even with PERFECT personal credit.  This is because banks are lending to BUSINESSES ONLY, as per the US Government's bank incentives to stimulate the economy.  (And it seems to be working!)

Having business credit is MUCH DIFFERENT than applying as an individual.  You get HIGHER CREDIT LIMITS because these banks understand that businesses need MORE capital (than an individual may need for personal stuff) in order to operate a business.  Many business owners use business credit for inventory, raw materials, payroll, office supplies, and other necessary business expenses.

In fact, the average business that has a revolving unsecured business line of credit (BLOC) has $100,000 MINIMUM available for immediate use.  Yet the most money an individual could get as an unsecured signature loan with good personal credit would get only $5,000 with no collateral.

Is it Really THAT Easy to Get Corporate Business Credit?

If you've been suckered into buying other corporate or business credit building courses and feel you've gotten ripped off, you probably were ripped off.  (Sorry about your luck!)  Most of these "courses" and "systems" are taught by "gurus" who don't have a clue how to get REAL corporate credit.

And other "gurus" teach methods that are either illegal or unethical (as I pointed out before).

You have to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL what methods you use to build your corporate business credit profile otherwise you could either get into legal hot water OR end up not building a corporate credit profile with squat!

There are tons of books, ebooks, reports, and courses on the subject of corporate business credit building.  These are cheap, ranging in price from a few bucks to about $47 and yet not worth your time in buying or reading them because they don't tell you how to do it!

When considering ANY corporate business credit building course, ask these questions:

Do you show me how to build credit with ALL the major reporting agencies and NOT just with DNB?

Are you offering a legitimate course that is legal and ethical on building corporate credit or can it potentially land me in jail?

Are you offering your cheap ebook to back-end sell me on some expensive consulting or attorney-assisted credit building program that will ultimately cost me thousands of dollars?

How up to date is your information?

Is this some lame course about getting a new personal credit file using a TIN (taxpayer identification number) which is illegal or forming an offshore company which is not realistic?

Is your service some deal that will bill me monthly while you "claim" to be building my corporate credit (when really you are just sucking money from my bank account for doing relatively nothing)?

Do you include resources and contacts that I can immediately go to in order to get business credit?

Do you "bait-and-switch? in your course by claiming I can build instant business credit then in your information you tell me that it really takes years and years?  (One major competitor of ours actually does this...claiming that you can build business credit within a few months and when you buy his super lame "system," he makes you feel like a stupid sap for thinking you can build business credit in less than 2 years!)

Here's why my course is BETTER than anything else out there:

  • Completely up to date; we update the course once each year
  • Doesn't "upsell" you on an expensive service or attorney-assisted program
  • Isn't illegal or unethical
  • All of the techniques WORK
  • Covers strategies on building business credit with ALL the credit agencies and NOT just DNB
  • Gives you a complete step-by-step set of instructions that ANYONE can follow
  • Includes exclusive and valuable resources to get business credit virtually instantly!

Here's What You'll Get!

  • Manual:  Build Business Credit FAST!
  • Quick Start Guide:  Step-by-Step Instructions on EXACTLY What to Do!
  • Audio Seminar:  Two (2) Hours of My Kick-Ass Audio Seminar Power-Packed with Information
  • Resource Guide:  Exactly Where to Apply for Business Credit
  • BONUS VIDEO #1:  How to Navigate the DNB Website
  • BONUS VIDEO #2:  How to Set Up a Corporation Online
  • BONUS VIDEO #3:  How to Find a Virtual Office Address


Note:  This course is 100% downloadable and is instantly available upon payment.  It takes approximately 5 minutes to download the files and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader and Windows Media Player.  If you choose to download the audio portions rather than listening to them online, you will be able to do so if you have the software to decompress files such as WinZip or other comparable decompression software.


60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't realize the mind-blowing power of creating corporate business credit or area unable to get the credit you believe you deserve through my course materials, simply ask for a refund and you'll get it.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

I am so confident that you'll NEVER want to return this course once you start to see the significant power and leverage you'll have once you set up your business credit that can financially change your life!

The Bottom Line:  You Need Money to Make Money in This World!

If you don't have the money to make money then you are destined to be a slave working for meager wages until you die.  The rich will keep getting richer and the middle class will completely disappear.  This will leave you to decide to be in the "low class" segment of society or to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  Check out what these people did:

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